ITI – April 2020: Part Three

Another week has arrived, and I have a quiet schedule. This is likely because ITI decided to experiment with its systems, and as a result, the teacher search engine stopped working properly. While it was frustrating not being as busy as I was last month, I will try to see it as a good thingContinue reading “ITI – April 2020: Part Three”

ITI – April 2020: Part One

A new month has arrived and following from the fallout of the last few days of March, and it was time to continue my teaching on ITI. Thankfully, most of my classes were conversation practice, so I didn’t have to do too much preparation for it, other than asking the student what they want toContinue reading “ITI – April 2020: Part One”

ITI -March 2020: Part Three

I have finally approached the final few days of the month. I had no time to relax, though because it was another busy day at the office. My first lesson was with a regular who came to class, asking for help with a personal statement to write for a job application, to be done inContinue reading “ITI -March 2020: Part Three”

ITI – March 2020: Part Two

I was halfway through March and another full schedule. I had no idea what was going to come my way. I decided to offer a 20% discount for lessons to entice bookings. It worked. The first two days weren’t too bad, but the rest of the week was ridiculous. I was teaching all day andContinue reading “ITI – March 2020: Part Two”

ITI – March: Part One

Time to start my first full month of teaching online, and I had a near-full schedule. It was exciting because not only was I going to be busy, I was going to meet new people and of course, make a decent amount of money this month. The first week was okay schedule-wise. I had twoContinue reading “ITI – March: Part One”