ITI – June 2020

In my last blog, I said I would start accepting new students. That didn’t happen. Why?

My health had taken a slight turn for the worse. I had a flare-up with my pre-existing condition (PEC), and it drained me both physically and mentally. I was also concerned whether I had coronavirus because I had what felt like 50 colds in one go. I had also struggled with a cough on and off for months. The consultant managing my PEC called me and advised she will try and get an antibody test arranged for me. It’s unlikely I’ll get one, but if I do get one and I do have antibodies, it will not surprise me. The government in my country has handled the pandemic poorly, and their policy has always been herd immunity – get as many people infected as possible, and they build resistance to it. It may have worked well with MMR, but we still don’t know enough about coronavirus so there is next to no guarantee that herd immunity will work.

That being said, I’ve done some teaching admin. I just need to update my teaching video, so it matches with the lessons I now offer. I hate being filmed. I look horrendous when on camera.

Any tips on how to get myself to film will be most appreciated 😉

Take care and stay safe.


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